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Loud Diamond - Walk The Park (Limited Edition Yellow Cassette)

Loud Diamond - Walk The Park (Limited Edition Yellow Cassette)

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Professionally duplicated and printed Yellow Cassette tape with black imprint. Color Cassette J-Card features Art by Jon Rogers. 8 track album with running time of 35 minutes. Only 100 copies available of this first release for Ameliorate Records!

Notes from the artist

"When starting this album I set off to make up-tempo joyous electronic music with a focus on more natural sounds. I wanted to make music that could be background music to get me through work or be the soundtrack for physical activity.

As I finished each track I would add them to a playlist and walk around Garfield Park listening to them to hear how the music sounded removed from my studio. I found that doing this would give me a fresh perspective of the music and the flow of the album. I also noticed that sights I was seeing in the park started being colored in a new light by the music I was listening to. Ordinary sights came alive and the music gave a new meaning to my experience.

I even started walking the park in a certain direction to ensure I would hear the track “Sunken Gardens” when I reached the actual sunken gardens in the park."

Recorded Fall/Winter 2020
in Garfield Park, Indianapolis, IN

Korg Minilouge
Roland JU-06A
Korg Volca FM
Electric Guitar
Live drum set/samples

All music written, recorded, and produced by Andrew Gustin
Album art by Jon Rogers
Art layout by Andrew Gustin


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